Winterhalter AT Excellence-S Reverse Osmosis for UC Series


Product number: 200V0001
Capacity: 90 L/h
Dimensions (WxHxD): 560 x 420 x 205 mm
Suitable machine type: UC Series
Type: Reverse osmosis
Max. inlet temperature: 35 °C
Min. water pressure: 1,5 Bar
The external reverse osmosis unit AT Excellence-S convinces with absolute reliability in achieving perfect rinsing results. Thanks to the AquaOpt function, the water is optimised after longer pauses in rinsing until the water quality reaches the desired quality level. The operating status of the AT Excellence units is shown on the dishwasher display. Faults can be detected immediately and remedied quickly. The water safety device (WSE) required by law in Europe is already built into the appliance. The AT Excellence can be connected to the dishwasher quickly and easily by plug-and-play. Numerous safety precautions and intelligent sensors ensure the best possible washing results and optimum protection of the appliance. Translated with (free version)